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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why peoples don’t care?

It’s very difficult to understand that why people don’t care about some important things in there daily life. We don’t think about others we only want to live good life without taking care of others. Why we are selfish why we can’t think about others happiness why we don’t want to see others happy. It’s true that some people do the same. But they also want to live a happy life and want to be loved but peoples don’t like this type of mean persons.

So it’s my advice that doesn’t be a mean person. No one likes a mean person. If you want to be loved then you need to make peoples happy and take care of each don’t tell a lie. Look if you are a good person then every one will want to friendship with you. Respect your parents and friends because with out love and friendship you cant live a happy life. If you love someone but he don’t loves you. Don’t be sad just tell yourself that he is not able for my love. There are many ups and downs in life but you need to fight with your time.

Peoples don’t care because they don’t know the importance of love. They don’t know the happiness of love. And they also don’t know about care.
They don’t know about the feelings in your heart for them. They don’t know the importance of tears in your eye for them. They can only understand these things when they also love someone. Then this love will teach them all lesson.

It’s very hard to find true love. But I think that only true love find special persons. So don’t ignore someone’s feelings don’t ignore someone’s love. Live a happy life and take care your self.

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