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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking water is good for your health. It gives you. There are some functions of water in our body like transportation of nutrients and oxygen into cells, Helps our organs to absorb nutrients, it regulate body temperature, Protects and moisturizes our joints.

Our body needs water. Human body depends nearly 55% of water. If you don’t provide enough water to your body then your body become dehydrated in this case you will get headache or migraine. Your brain contains 90% of water due to this your brain will not function properly. There are some harmful effects of Dehydration like Irregular blood pressure, Kidney problems, 20% dehydrated Risk of death.

Some benefits of drinking water are as under:


1.     Drinking water can regulate your body temperature.

Your body has an internal thermostat that it uses to regulate heating and cooling. This system is mostly influenced by two systems, the integumentary and the circulatory system. Evaporation of water from over body helps to cool down body temperature.

2.     It helps in digestion of food in body.

Your body uses water in digestion. Digestion is the process in which complex food break down into simple. Digestion process starts from saliva and the saliva contain water. It helps you to digest soluble fiber. Water cleans stomach. The kidneys and liver use it to help flush out waste.


3.     Drinking water helps in removing kidney stones.

Kidney stones can be dissolve in water the first treatment to remove kidney stone is to drink more water to flush it out. Increase your water intake at least 2 liters minimum a day it will increase your urine output so then you can flush them out. The clear liquid inside young coconuts, drunk regularly can help dissolve the kidney stones.

4.     It reduces the risk of bladder cancer

Drinking lots of water can reduce men’s risk of bladder cancer. Drinking more water can reduce 40% risk of bladder cancer

5.     Drinking water helps you lose weight.

Honestly there we nothing like water some people think that drinking more water can helps to lose your weight.

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