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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Corel Draw Shortcut Keys


Corel draw is a vector graphic editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation of Ottwa Canada. Its a graphic related program the latest version of corel draw is corel draw x7 and it was released in 2014. Corel Draw is used to design two dimensional pictures, logos, and Posters. Its an vector based illustration program.

Useful Shortcut Keys of Corel Draw

Select up line.                       
Shift+ Up Arrow
Select down line.                   Shift+ Dn Arrow
Break apart.                            Ctrl+K
Combine.                                Ctrl+L
Duplicate.                               Ctrl+D
Export.                                    Ctrl+E
Format Text.                           Ctrl+T
Undo.                                       Ctrl+Z
Align top.                                 T
Align bottom.                          B
Align left.                                L
Align Right.                             R
Align Center vertical.             C
Align Center horizontal.        E
Center of Page.                       P
Group.                                      Ctrl+G
Ungroup.                                  Ctrl+U
Cut.                                           Ctrl+X
Copy.                                        Ctrl+C
Paste.                                        Ctrl+V
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