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Sunday, 26 February 2012

How to increase free traffic to a new blog or website

Hi friends today I am going to tell you about how to Increase Traffic to a blog and website. There are many ways to get free traffic. First of all I want to tell you that you need to complete your blog or website. You need to spend lots of time and hard work for writing your blog. There are many new blogers who want to get more traffic to there blog or website. But the Question is that how to get free traffic to a blog or site with out investment. There are some best and free ways for new bloggers to drive free traffic. But you need a quality content which is full of information so more peoples want to visit your blog. It will increase traffic to your blog

1. from traffic exchange websites.

There are many traffic exchange websites which allow you to submit your website url and they drive some traffic to your site or blog. One of the best website I found is blogclicker it’s a best website for beginners. Its very simple and easy to use every one can join free after signup you view others blog or websites and other members will visit your blog or website to earn points. It's not allowed in google adsense but it's a free way to get more visitors.

 2.  From Social websites.

You can increase more traffic by book marking on social networks. You can increase your blog traffic from these social websites. Some of the best social websites are as under

1.      myspace
2.      yahoo
3.      facebook
4.      dig

If you have many friends on social websites like facebook then you have a chance to get more free visitors you can share your blog link on your facebook wall or fan page. When your friends see your link then they will click on it and you’ll get a visitor. If he find something on your site he’ll share it to his friends and you get some more visitors.

3. From free search engines.  

You can also get free traffic form free search engines after signup with them. you can easily find free search engines on internet. Some of them are as under.

1. entireweb
2. gimpsy
3. jayde

4. From free ads

You can post your website or blog ads on free add posting websites you can easily find lots of add posting websites on internet. Its also a good way to increase your blog traffic when people clicks on your ads. You need to make your add attractive. So the visitors like to click on it.

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