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Saturday, 3 March 2012

What is love I'll tell you about it?

It's true when someone really loves you. No matter if that person is so busy. If he really cares you then he'll find some time for you.

Love is like a magic it happens automatically. It's for some special persons in your life, which you do not want to let them go away form you. Love is a hope. Love is the unbreakable relation between two persons. When they love each other they understand feelings of each other and they trust each other. It cannot be measured in percentage.

If you want to love you need to find the goodness of other person. It's true that every one have some good deeds and some bad. You need to figure out all positive aspects. If you can do it then you can love. If you love some one then you need to take care of him and love him don’t let him/her alone at any situation. Always be happy and respect the emotions of each other. Love is a sensation.

What is a true love?

True love is your parents love your God love and love of your family it’s the true relation and true love. Other then that if a person loves you and you think that it's true that he/she loves you. True loves is when he or she cares you and share his/her emotions with you and trusts on you. The best example is your mother not your girlfriend. If you can understand your mothers love then you can understand the value of true love.

Do you want to be happy?

If you want to be happy there are some things to follow.

1. If you love someone then don’t expect that he/she loves you too.
2. Always be away from tension
3. Don't be upset for them who hurt you.
4. Only trust on your GOD.
5. Always try to be happy.
6. Love only your parents and God and In return you'll be loved.

There are many ups and downs in life and life is full of misunderstandings these misunderstandings break the relation between two persons. I know that its very difficult to understand someone and Its also difficult to forget some one who you love and he/she is very special to you. Your life becomes hopeless. But love is not all things for life there are also many things for your life and these things are very important for you. The only persons who love you are your parent's brother and sisters and God. So Live only for your family and God not for those who don't love you.
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