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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Do you know Benefits of black tea?

Do you know Benefits of black tea?

Black tea is more oxidized its flavor is very strong. It’s the most popular tea in west, black tea is actually green tea its leaves are further dried due to this its color and taste changes. Then these leaves turn black these leaves then further crushed and stored according their sizes. There are many varieties of black tea i.e. Nepal team keemun tea, English breakfast tea, golden monkey tea.

There are some benefits of black tea.

1. Black Tea is good for arteries.
   It prevents deadly clogging and it reverses poor arterial functioning. It decreases the risk of having heart attack about 50%. It expends the arteries in this way the blood movement to heart is increased.

2. Black Tea stops inflammation.
   A compound in black tea called TF-2 is anti cancer compound which suppresses
The cox-2 gene and that triggers inflammation.

3. Black Tea stops cancer growth.
   Black tea decreases the risk of stomach and breast cancer it’s not proven but the studies find that black tea can stop growth of cancer. It slow downs the expansion of cancer cells.

4. It helps to delay the ageing process.
   Black tea can help to delay the ageing process. It makes the skin to look younger

5. Black tea helps to burn extra fats in our body
   By consuming black tea you can burn your extra fat in your body and pace up metabolism. It’s a good for those who want to get rid of extra weight.

6. Scale back unhealthy cholesterol.
   Black tea corresponding to other helps to scale back unhealthy cholesterol. 

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