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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Internet services in Pakistan

               Internet services in Pakistan
Telecommunications being one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan, by 2011 the usage of internet has grown up to 31 million users or 17.6% of the total population. In 2008 Pakistan telecommunication authority PTA reported over 22 million internet users. Now most Pakistani company’s educational institutes and government departments maintain websites which has further increase the demand of internet.
Pakistani users are adopting social networking. According to a report in 2012, there were over 6 million Pakistanis using facebook. Pakistan has the 26th largest facebook population.
Today peoples need high speed internet service broadband. There were 1.3 million broadband subscribers in March 2011. Broadband is offered at speeds that range from 1 MB/s to 50 MB/s in all major cities. In Pakistan the largest internet broadband providers are PTCL, Wateen.
PTCL Provide wireless network at the speed of 3.1 Mb/s. PTCL provides its service under the brand name EVO which is available in more than 100 cities.

This is a list of the licensed Internet service providers in Pakistan

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